Far Infrared heat, a specific type of radiant heat, can save you money on your heating costs


The use of radiant heat will not only save you money on your heating costs but give a quality of heat second to none



Our thin infrared heating panels can be fitted to the wall or the ceiling


Our Far Infrared heating panels are aesthetically pleasing. They can be fitted to the wall or the ceiling and are so thin they take up hardly any of your room space



Infrared heat, particularly Far Infrared gives a cosy comfortable heat just like from the sun or an open fire or a stove.


Far Infrared is an invisible part of the electromagneti spectrum which includes light. On a cold cloudy day, when the sun comes out , you will usually immediately feel warmer. The air temperature hasn't changed, its the effect of the infrared heat from the sun



There are many manufacturers of infrared heating panels across the world and here in the UK


We have used our years of experience in infrared heating to keep up to date on new advancements in infrared heating and ensure that we bring you the best in terms of performance and overall value for money