Did you know far infrared heating is used to keep premature babies warm in incubators?  So you can see why its a  cosy  and safe heat.

Here is a section from a manual on a baby warming unit

Health problem addressed

These devices are commonly used to provide thermal

support for newborns in the delivery suite, for critically ill

infants who require constant nursing intervention, and for

infants undergoing treatment that prolongs exposure to a

cool environment. Prolonged cold stress can overwork heat producing mechanisms, drain energy reserves, and result in

hypoxia, acidosis, hypoglycemia, and, in severe cases, death.

Product description

Infant radiant warmers are overhead heating units. They typically

consist of a heat source, a skin-temperature sensor, an automatic

(servo) control unit, and visual and audible alarms.

Principles of operation

A heating element generates a significant amount of radiant

energy in the far IR wavelength region (longer than three microns

to avoid damaging the infant’s retina and cornea). The radiant

output of the heating unit is also limited to prevent thermal

damage to the infant. The IR energy is readily absorbed by the

infant’s skin; increased blood fl ow in the skin then transfers heat

to the rest of the body by blood convection (heat exchange

between the blood and tissue surfaces) and tissue.


The  health properties of infrared are also used in infrared saunas, an alternative to traditional steam saunas that are gaining popularity in popularity across Europe.

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The Health Benefits

  • Better air Quality

  • No condensation or dampness

  • No mould

  • Great for allergy sufferers















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